There's lots of people that have questions and I like to provide answers..  
This FAQ deals with the website membership and it's functions..

I do all of my own web development and design..

If you have other questions you should send me an email..


Common Questions


Is my credit card and other personal information safe?
Yes all your information is very secure.  I use the latest and greatest in encryption and security protocols to make sure your data is kept secure.  Credit card information is stored in multiple parts at different locations only known by me for absolute security..

Where is my activation email?
Please check your spam folder for email from our site! If you find our emails in your spam folder please mark them as 'not spam' so they get directed to your inbox..

Do you share my email or other data with others?
My site is completely private and independent, I do not share any information with anyone.  The entire website is protected by the HTTPS protocol and encrypted with secure keys that keep all your data as private as possible when communicating with the website..

Why is my name and address required to get a membership?
If you are using a credit card to make a payment for a membership or a donation your billing info is required to process the transaction in most cases.  If your name and address do not match those for the credit card it may be declined. If you are using a prepaid card or other payment method then this info doesn't need to match your billing address..

What is the difference between a membership and a donation?
A "Membership" is a subscription to the website's restricted areas for a set period of time.  A donation is an amount that you want to give to me as a gift and also includes a complimentary subscription to the website's restricted areas..

How long does it take for my membership to get activated?
Depending on the payment method you use the processing times will vary.  If you register using a credit card you should have access to the site within a few minutes, someitmes it can take longer to process your card if manual validation is required for security purposes.  Interac payments may take up to 8 hours to get activated and you will be notified by email..  All Memberships are approved personally by me..

Does my membership automatically renew?
All membership and donation transactions are a one time purchase.  Memberships do not renew automatically.  The website will send you a notification during the last week of your membership.  If you want to renew or upgrade your membership you need to do so manually..

What does the charge show up as on my credit card?
For discretion the charges on your credit card statement show up as a discreet 3 letter company name. Once you have completed the signup process and your card was successfully billed your activation email will include the information that will show up on your credit card statement..

How do I upgrade or extend my membership?
First make sure that you are logged in to your account.  All of your account info can be found at this link.  Also you can click here to see your renewal options and click here to see your upgrade options. Membership upgrades are prorated..

If I order items from the shop are they shipped discreetly?
If you order items from the shop they will be discretely and neatly packaged.  Typically the packaging will be recycled Amazon or unmarked boxes.  As these items are all considered fan memorabilia everything is always marked as a gift.  When your order is shipped you will be emailed an update with the tracking number.

How do I get a custom video with things I buy from the shop?
First you need to select the items you want to purchase and add them to your cart.  Once you have added all the items you want to your cart you can go to the Order Addon Category and select either a custom video or fresh stains on the items. You can add multiple videos & stains if you choose to do so.

How long does it take before items are shipped?
If you purchase items from my shop they will typically be shipped in 24-48 hours or less.  Once your order has shipped you will receive a notification by email with your Canada Post tracking number.  All packages are discrete, insured and marked as gifts.

Why do you have so many site names?
I have a number of different domain names that all operate on the same site. It doesn't matter which domain name you use you will be able to log in to all areas of the site.  All of the different sites work together to give me better rankings in the major search engines..

Is the Website mobile friendly?
Yes the site is fully responsive for all types of devices.  I've done a lot of work on the layout so it should look good and function well on any device.  All the videos are mobile friendly too and all the premium videos come in full HD but default to a mobile version which uses less bandwidth..

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